Free technical support. When contacting tech support, please provide your company name, your Power Clock version, details on what problem you're having, and details of any error messages.


Power Clock online help manual: Click Here


Support Email:

Support Phone: +1 (918) 615-2415


Remote Assistance: Click here to run Remote Assistance.  Contact support first.

Custom Reports and Programming

We can create custom reports for your Power Clock software.  Please email a sample of how your report should look and tell us any special requirements.  We will give you an estimate of how many hours we will require to do the design.  Most custom reports can be done in one hour or less.  Custom report design is $50.00 per hour.  Please email

Password Recovery

If you forgot login password, please email

New Features and Bug Reports

Please send your new feature requests and bug reports to  Our attention to customer feedback is what makes Power Clock the absolute best time clock software in the world.  We will do everything possible to make Power Clock work with your business.

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