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  • Use on an unlimited number of computers and devices.

  • Unlimited use over the internet.

  • Multi-location data merge support.

  • Unlimited inactive or terminated employees.

  • USA based technical support.

  • All new version updates.

  • Pre-release and 'beta' versions.

  • 10 rotating offsite full data backups on our secure server.

  • Runs on Windows 98 through Windows 10.

  • Compact native code executable doesn't require any .NET runtimes.

  • iPhone, iPad, Android apps coming soon.

  • 30 day no hassle satisfaction guarantee.

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Power Clock for up to 10 Employees (yearly)

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Additional Employees (yearly)

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Digital Persona u.are.u 4500 Fingerprint Scanner 

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Custom programming, custom reports.  Please call or email with your requirements.

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Questions / Tech Support ?

Power Clock online help manual: Click Here


Support Email: support@powerclock.com

Support Phone: +1 (918) 615-2415


Power Clock is licensed per active employee.  Inactive or terminated employees don't count toward your total licensed employees.


All software can be downloaded immediately from this site.  Please be sure to give your company name and email address with your order, as this is where your activation  code will be sent.  Your email address will not be sold or distributed in any manner.

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