Note: These are just a few of the enhancements added to Power Clock over the years.  The complete list is thousands of lines.

Power Clock Cloud Bridge 1.0 (currently testing)


New: Background service to link Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure cloud platform for zero-config sync and backup.


Server 2016.3 released 11/14/2016


Fixed: Minor bugs fixed in display.

Removed: Requirement to run Monitor interface automatically at Windows startup.


Server 2016.2 released 10/15/2016


Added: Background backup no longer requires temporary shut down of server.


Server 2016.1 released 9/15/2016


Added: Force monitor to run on Windows startup.

Fixed: Log messages formatting.

Server 2016.0 released 8/15/2016

New: Power Clock Server Monitor.

New: Server monitor/watchdog background service will automatically restart the server service in case of fault.

New: Detailed statistics and monitoring of server operation and health.

New: Power Clock database is stored in a static location, the Windows ProgramData\Power Clock\ folder.

New: Server monitor does automatic backup of Power Clock database nightly.

Removed: Old PCServer GUI interface.

Version 8.47 released 11/05/2013

Added: Editable Next Backup date/time in Location Config.
Added: Button to change clock face.
Fixed: Shift Differentials in Department records.

Version 8.46 released 10/12/2013

Added: Windows batch file execution after Login, Clock in, etc. You can use
this feature to run external programs after a successful login, clockin, etc.

If there exists a batch file in the Power Clock folder then it will be run
after any successful login, etc. There can be multiple batch files. Each must
be named one of the following:
clockin.bat, clockout.bat, switch.bat, pause.bat, resume.bat, login.bat, logout.bat

Three parameters are passed to the batch file: Employee.Link, Job.Link, Phase.Link.
These are the Link fields you can see in each employee, job, phase record.
They are known also as the primary key (PK) of each record. These unique ID's
never change for each record. The Admin employee link is normally 0-1.

Example login.bat:

echo Employee %1 has clocked in to job %2

Version 8.45 released 9/14/2013

Added: Checkbox to disable automatic check for new updates.
Added: Check for updates option on File menu.
Added: Security profile option to allow check for updates.
Fixed: Multi-site update bug.

Version 8.42 released 7/31/2013

Added: Option in security profiles in the Other section named "Employee
View Payrates" allows you to control who can see payrates.
Fixed: Bug in adding time estimates to jobs.
Fixed: Bug in remote site update.

Version 8.41 released 4/29/2013

Added: Import report template added to report design screen.
Added: Manually adding a time record creates a special log entry for auditing.
Fixed: PTO accrual method.

Version 8.40 released 4/14/2013

Added: Adding any new record creates a log file entry.
Added: Made compatible with Windows 98 and Windows 2000.
Fixed: Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 8.30 released 4/7/2013

Added: Automatic update feature informs you of new Power Clock versions and
automatically downloads and installs updates.
Added: Ability to hide Hours, Day Hours, Week Hours on main screen depending   on employee security. The settings are in each security profile.
Added: New Remote Assistance program included.
Added: More informative message if employee takes too short of lunch as
defined in Minimum Lunch Minutes in their employee record.

Version 8.00 released 11/15/2012

Added: Tested and certified for Windows 8.
Added: Report list is now shown on the left side of the main screen.
Added: Report list automatically shown when Admin logs in.
Added: Select All, Cut, Copy, Paste functions added to context menus.
Added: Command line parameter: BACKUP.  Will backup the entire database to the path specified in Current Location Config or <executable path> + \Data\Backup if no path specified.
Added: Multiple screen support. Show your reports on one screen while you can still see the Power Clock main screen on another.
Fixed: Job estimates add/edit bug.

Version 7.97 released 9/20/2012

Added: Enlarge font for email body.
Added: Custom export for customer.
Added: Updated ADP export format.
Added: Updated Datatel export format.
Fixed: Problem with password entry when fingerprint scanner is active.

Version 7.92 released 6/20/2012

Added: Support for DigitalPersona u.are.u 4500 fingerprint scanners.
Fixed: Phase restriction fixed.
Fixed: Problem with employee selection when running reports.

Version 7.90 released 4/4/2012

Added: Tabbed screen interface similar to modern internet browsers.
Added: Fast and modern incremental lookup fields.
Added: Close and Minimize to tray icon if enabled on Window menu.
Added: 'Allow password with scanner' field added employee record for employees who have trouble scanning their fingerprint.

Version 7.89 released 3/14/2012

Added: Support for Microsoft Fingerprint Reader in 64 bit Windows 7 and Vista.
Added: Easypay payroll Export.
Added: Hide Department on "Clocked in list" if departments not used.
Added: Ability to select a specific department added to all time reports.

Version 7.86 released 1/25/2012

Added: Option to restrict clocked in list to the "Default Department"
selected in Workstation Settings.
Added: Additional Hours Types:
( Bereavement, Military, Personal, Disability, Jury Duty, Shift Differential, Other )
Added: Option to "Show All Departments" in Workstation Settings. If enabled then
will override the security profile setting.
Added: Option to "Show All Departments" in each security profile. This option is
forced ON in the Admin security profile.
Added: <blank> shown on reports for blank fields.
Added: Shift Differential pay may be defined for each department.
Added: Automatic search for server in case server IP address has changed.
Added: Option to install server background service.
Added: Sick Hours report.
Added: Holiday Hours report.
Added: Vacation, Sick, Holiday hours summary reports.
Added: Enhanced Paychex export support.
Added: Minimize to Windows tray when "Show Tray Icon" is active on the Window menu.
Added: Option to use the department ID instead of Paychex export code.
Added: Support for all Quickbooks versions through 2012.
Added: Option to flag Quickbooks hours as billable or not.
Added: Alternate vacation and sick accrual method added to employee records.
Added: Ask manager when editing consecutive times if you want to automatically
adjust the previous clock out time or next clock in time.
Fixed: Not asking for department when clocking in with fingerprint.
Fixed: Not filling in default value for department when adding a new time record.
Fixed: Various reports not sorting by department correctly.

Version 7.81 released 6/19/2011

Added: Vacation Hours report.
Added: Remote Data Sync now includes currently clocked in employees.
Added: Automatic Backup may be setup to occur in hour intervals.
Added: Automatic break may be added when returning from lunch.
Fixed: Department set to blank when switching jobs.
Fixed: Department not required when clocking in.
Fixed: Various automatic clockout issues.

Version 7.80 released 5/21/2011

Added: Automatic adjustment of adjacent time records when editing causes an overlap.
Added: Fix for Windows 7 Start Menu 'Orb' icon going missing.
Added: Not so annoying 'nag' messages to order updates.

Version 7.79 released 4/18/2011

Added: Ability to ask for Department in Clock In Options.
Added: Department shown on home screen list of clocked in employees.
Added: Job Complete checkbox added to job records.
Added: View time by Job, Dept, Phase on time records screen.
Added: Efficiency by Job, Dept, Phase report.
Added: Job Completion Status report.
Added: Quickbooks 2011 support.
Added: New Remote Assistance utility.
Added: Various fixes for better Windows 7 compatibility.
Added: Build number and exact build date/time added to About screen.

Version 7.78 released 10/23/2009

Added: Windows 7 support.

Added: Easier registration method.
Added: Copy Job function.
Added: Quickbooks 2009 and 2010 support.
Added: Employee email field and button on employee screen.
Added: F3 shortcut to Pause.
Added: F4 shortcut to Resume.
Added: F6 shortcut to Switch Jobs.
Added: Reminder to enroll the Admin fingerprint on startup.
Added: Changed invalid fingerprint messages to be short and non-modal.
Added: Change Log report enhanced.
Added: Optional sounds played upon Clock in, Clock out, Invalid fingerprint.
Added: Remote Assistance added to Help menu.
Added: Option to allow password or fingerprint login.
Fixed: View Change Log problem.
Fixed: Optional drug test notifications.
Fixed: Phase lookup on clock in/out screen.
Fixed: Online backup.
Fixed: Login security bug.

Version 7.65 released 8/10/2009

Added: Power Clock executable digitally signed.
Added: Change log report.

Versions 7.62 through 7.65 1/2009 through 8/2009


Minor bug fixes resulting in version 7.65 which is rock solid on all versions of Windows.  


Version 7.61 released 8/9/2008

Added: Allow unlimited phase estimates for each job.
Added: Datatel Export.
To setup:
Add Datatel ID for each employee in their employee record on the
Export Settings page.
Add Datatel ID for each job in each job record in use.
Add Datatel Earnings Type codes in Current Location Configuration,
on the DataTel page.
DataTel Export is on the Import/Export menu.
Added: Random employee drug test notifications.
Setup in Current Location Config, Drug Test Notifications page.

Version 7.50 released 1/31/2008

Added: Resize bar under clock panel allows you to see animated clocks in full
Added: Location name in main window header.
Added: Improved Quickbooks Pro 2007, 2008 import/export.
Added: Ability to exclude jobs and/or phases when importing from Quickbooks.
Added: US Telepunch support. (clock in/out via touchtone telephone)
Added: You can specify which workstation will perform automatic tasks.
Added: Security Profile options 'Time Records: Show only own times'.
If Enabled then the employee can view and edit only thier own time
Added: New fingerprint scanner drivers support the following readers.
Microsoft Fingerprint scanner
Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer with Fingerprint Reader
Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader
Biotouch / Futronic FS80
Nitgen Hamster I
Nitgen Hamster II
Certis Image Orcanthus
Crossmatch V250/V300/V300 LC/V300 LC2/V500
Digital Persona U.are.U 4000/4000B
Geomok (Testech) Bio-I
SecuGen Hamster FDU02

Version 7.01 released 11/13/2007

Added: Over 30 cool flash animated clocks to choose from.
Added: Automatic username and password entry for online backup system.
Added: Fix for expired authorization code error.

Version 7.00 released 10/22/2007

Added: Built-in offsite secure data backup and restore
Added: Workstation Config 'Default Clock in Employee' always clocks
in the selected employee
Added: Tray Icon will change to reflect if anyone is clocked in.
Added: Option to count vacation time in accrual calculations.
Fixed: Phase selection sometimes lost when clocking in.

Version 6.71 released 8/14/2007

Fixed problem with file repair utility.

Version 6.70 released 7/22/2007

Added: Ability to change fingerprint scanner false acceptance rate (FAR)
in workstation configuration
Added: Better optimized server

Version 6.65 released 6/14/2007

Added: Automatic reconnect to server on network timeout or disconnect.
Added: Automatic weekend bonus. Settings are in employee records.
Added: Much faster full backup.
Added: New Power Clock Server.
Added: Quickbooks job descriptions are imported.
Added: 'Register Fingerprint' able to be disabled per security profiles.
Added: Ability to turn off rounding for Pause/Resume.
Added: All Power Clock software is signed/verified by Comodo Security.

Version 6.63 released 11/20/2006

Added: Setup wizard to help set basic options.
Added: Export to Payroll CS.
Added: User defined Production label.

Version 6.61 released 10/15/2006

Added: Number of phase time estimates increased to ten in job record.
Added: Position field of Phase record forces that phase to show in newly
added jobs time estimate at the indicated position. Position must
be from 0 to 10. Zero means the phase is optional.
Added: Restrict Phases field in Location Config, Clock-in Options.
If checked then only phases that have a time estimate greater than
zero for a job will be allowed when clocking in.
The exception being jobs that are Non-Quoted then any phase may be
Added: Auto-Pause for Lunches, Breaks, Jobs. If the employee stays on
longer than job estimate minutes then the alarm is sounded and
they are automatically set to pause.

Version 6.60 released 10/2/2006

Added: Alarm sounds for spending too long on jobs or breaks.
Added: Remaining time countdown column option on main screen.

Version 6.55 released 9/6/2006

Added: Minimun Lunch restriction in employee records, Clock Out Options.
Employee won't be allowed to resume from lunch until specified
minues have passed.

Added: Enforce schedule option in employee records, Overtime/Rounding page.
Check this box to force the employee clock in and out times to the
times set in 'Clock in by' and 'Clock out by' fields.
If they clock in late then the late time will be used.
If they clock in early, the scheduled time will be used.
If they clock out early, the early time will be used.
If they clock out late, the scheduled time will be used.

Added: Efficiency reports, estimated minutes per phase added in job records.
Added: Productive and Non-productive phases
Added: Phases and Jobs edited seperately.

Version 6.5 released 4/24/2006

Added: Department selection when exporting to QuickBooks
Added: Time of day for automatic lunch may be specified in location settings
Added: Time of day for automatic break may be specified in location settings
Added: Option to restrict clocked in list to show only current employee
Added: Option in employee records to hide that employee in the clocked in list

Version 6.00 released 1/19/2006

Added: Fingerprint scanner support for Clock in, Clock out, Log in,
Read email, Run reports.
Added: Auto Clock in employee in Worstation Settings
Added: Close Power Clock after specified minutes in Workstation Settings
Added: Log Out after specified minutes in Workstation Settings
Added: Clock Out after specified minutes in Workstation Settings
Added: Clock back in after keyboard or mouse activity in Workstation Settings
Added: Easier authorization code entry.
Added: Employee's Home Location automatically entered on new time records.
Added: Change log entry for manually added time records.
Added: Security Profile option: Time Records: Edit Own Time.
Usefull if you want a manager to be able to edit employee time records but not his own.
Added: Security Profile option: Disable Log in list. Disables the drop down list of employees.
Added: Auto lunch and break deductions are done when each employee clocks out.  No longer need to run 'Check lunches and breaks' procedure.
Added: Option in workstation settings: 'Clock out when close Power Clock'.
Clocks out everyone when Power Clock is closed.

Version 5.33 released 3/12/2005

Added: Option to treat all time worked on Saturday or Sunday as overtime or doubletime.

Version 5.32 released 1/9/2005
Added: RealIn and RealOut fields in time record contain the actual unrounded clock in and out times.
Added: Add note when employee enters clock out time.
Added: Payrates hidden in time record editing screen if security profile option
'Reports - Show pay on reports' is disabled.
Added: Grand total shown in pay summary on reports.
Added: Option to show only employees whose Home Location = current active location.

Version 5.31 released 11/11/2004
Added: Option to show information dialog after clock in/out in location config.
Added: Info dialog shown on top of all windows after scan card.
Added: Drop seconds from times if hours format is not hh:mm:ss
Added: Add Lunch dialog allows time selection.

Version 5.30 released 10/30/2004
Added: ADP Export.
Added: Paychex Export.
Added: Millennium Payroll Export.
Added: Much better rebuild files function.
Added: REBUILD command line option invokes the new data rebuild function.
Added: Lock timeout may be set in location config.
Added: Option to ingore timezone settings when getting times from the server.
Added: More descriptive overlapping times error message.
Added: Option to ignore overlapping time records.
Added: Security Profile option to disable anonymous email.
Added: Security Profile option to disable the employee lookup list when clocking in/out.
Added: Automatic clock out takes into account lunches and breaks.

Added: Labor report shows labor summary based on gross pay / sales.
Added: Received EMail is copied to separate, searchable Email archive.

Version 5.27 released 10/11/2003
Added: Login/Logout via card scanner
Added: Check Email via card scanner
Added: Option to disable the message box shown after clock in/out
Added: Option to auto logout when Windows screen saver starts
Added: Option to auto clockout when Windows screen saver starts
Added: Option to auto shutdown when Windows screen saver starts
Changed: PowerClockSysHook.dll no longer used to detect idle time

Version 5.26 released 8/22/2003
Added: Check for valid window positions
Added: Clearreg program to clear out invalid registry entrieses

Version 5.22 released 7/25/2003
Added: Data location saved to powclock.ini file in same folder as pclock32.exe file.
No need to set data location on each workstation since they all can read from
the INI file.
Added: Individual workstation settings saved to Windows registry instead of a data file.
Added: Some workstations settings also added to location file to easily change globally.
Added: Link fields exported in decimal format instead of hex.
Removed: Notify of clock change feature removed due to incompatibility with newer versions of windows that update the clock frequently.
Added: Works better with Citrix installations
Added: Temporary Path now set automatically to windows temp folder.
Added: T command line option to override the temporary folder.
Added: More info on paths shown in About box

Version 5.21 released 5/3/2003
Added: Security profile setting "Disable Windows Taskbar".
Enable this option to prevent employees from opening other Windows
programs or accessing any Windows settings. They will only be able to
use Power Clock.
Changed: When editing times, changing clock in time changes the hours
total instead of the out time.

Version 5.2 released 3/30/2003
Added: Updated help file.
Added: Max per day option in automatic lunch and break deductions.
Added: Time added to file name of backup files.
Added: Automatic backup enabled by default in new install.
Added: Gracefull exit if server connection lost.
Added: Current Power Clock version number added to ALL data files internal description.
Added: All data files will be backed up and restructured on every new version.
Added: Updated server to FlashFiler 2.13
Changed: 'Server Settings' changed to 'Data Locations'
Changed: Nag screen only nags for a max 30 seconds.

Version 5.01 released 3/17/2003
Added: Remote file version shown during remote update.
Added: Absentee report.

Version 5.0 released 3/10/2003
Total re-write from the ground up. The main change is addition of a client/server database engine.
Added: Client/server SQL database engine.
Added: Much faster performance on networks.
Added: Barcode scanner support.
Added: Windows XP support.
Added: Help file updated.
Added: Polling remote locations via internet.
Added: Clock in via internet.
Added: Connect to remote data source via internet or any TCP/IP network.
Added: All versions include multi-user network and multi-site support.
Added: Ascii text file export.
Added: Pay summary may be shown in any band footer on time reports.
Added: Late report with grace period.
Added: Time record browse filters.
Added: Check lunches and breaks function.
Added: Running totals of time clocked in on main screen.
Added: Job and/or phase column on main screen is hidden if not enabled in location configuration.
Added: Clock may be shown in digital format.
Added: Separate time rounding settings for clocking in and out.
Added: Time rounding may be overridden for each employee.
Added: Encrypted and compressed executable and unlocking file.
Added: Time server built into file server.
Added: Clock-in times automatically taken from file server in client/server mode.
Added: Automatic log out if workstation idle longer than specified time.
Added: Automatic clock out if workstation idle longer than specified time.
Added: Automatic shutdown if workstation idle longer than specified time.
Added: Hours may be displayed as Hours:Minutes format.
Added: May set number of decimal places if hours displayed in decimal format.
Added: May automatically split days at midnight if employee stays clocked in past midnight.
Added: May include employees currently clocked in on reports.
Added: Cancel changes to record shows what changes were made before confirming cancel.
Added: File browsers may be sorted on any column and columns moved.
Added: ANY menu option may be disabled in security profiles.
Added: Menu items and toolbar buttons are greyed out if disabled in security profile.
Added: Search for unlock file function.
Added: Search for lost data function.

Version 4.16 released 8/20/2000
Added: More detailed communications logging.

Version 4.14 released 7/16/2000
Added: Status and error messages are automatically closed after 2 minutes.
Added: Status message shown when clocking in.
Added: Increased transmit retries during communications errors.
Added: Managers can now see all employees and time records if they are set as manager of more than one department.
Added: On Edit time records screen, employee selector shows only active employees.

Version 4.12 released 6/4/2000
Added: Extended logging of communications sessions option in system configuration.
Added: 'Show Inactive Employees' checkbox filter on employee browse screen.
Added: Numbers are now displayed and entered according to your international settings.
Added: 'Add lunch or break to current record' button on time record browse screen allows easy addition of lunch time. The current record is split and a lunch or break added in the middle.

Version 4.11 released 5/10/2000
Added: Modem setting is now in Startup Settings and saved to registry.

Version 4.10 released 4/30/2000
Added: Timeserver now minimizes to system tray.

Version 4.09 released 4/7/2000
Added: Text in memo field now word wraps when editing time records.
Added: Registry fixes are checked when Power Clock is started in network mode.
Added: Support for Quickbooks Pro 2000.
Added: Command line parameters can now be used to specify data path, login user, and network mode.
Added: Power Clock now defaults to network mode on new installations.
Added: 'Always start as tiny toolbar' option in Startup Settings.
Added: 'Time detail alt format' now totals lunch and regular hours by day.
Added: 'Time detail alt format ALL' report prints all employees on separate pages.
Added: All time detail reports now group and total lunch and break hours separately from regular hours.
Added: Employee Time Browse can filter records by employee and date range.
Added: Automatic Log out time in Startup Settings will log out any logged in user after a period of inactivity.
Added: Automatic Shutdown time in Startup Settings will shut down Power Clock after a period of inactivity.
Added: Notification if employee is not allowed to override lunch time when clocking out.
Added: Button on Tiny Toolbar to make it 'stay on top' of other windows.
Added: Security Profiles editing screen not so cluttered.
Added: Main screen is resizeable.
Added: 'File Employee: Edit Pwd/Sec' now two separate security profile options: 'File Employee: Edit Password' and 'File Employee: Edit Security'. This allows you to allow a manager help with passwords but not allow them to change security settings.
Change: This applies to employees who receive both daily and weekly overtime. If an employee has daily overtime then those daily OT hours are not included in the total that is used to determine if the employee gets weekly overtime.

Version 4.08 released 12/23/99
Added: May specify whether or not to import inactive employees from Quickbooks.
Added: May specify whether or not to import jobs and phases from Quickbooks.
Added: Run commands when clocking in/out are now based on Job and Phase instead of Job only.
Added: Tiny toolbar is not forced to stay on top of other windows.
Added: Email button shown on tiny toolbar.
Added: "Emp time detail alt format" report now shows totals for holiday and sick time.

Version 4.07 released 11/12/99
Added: Tiny Toolbar mode.
Added: New standard security profile added named 'Manager'.
Added: Time Summary by Employee report.
Added: User-defined program may be executed when clocking in and out. Program and command line are set in Job record.
Added: When editing time records, if you change the clock-in or clock-out times so that they overlap the employee's next or previous time record, Power Clock will allow you to automatically adjust the overlapping record.

If you edit a lunch or break record to decrease the amount of lunch, it can automatically adjust the next or previous time records.

For example:
An employee has a lunch recorded from 12:12 until 12:55. After the lunch they have a regular hours time record from 12:55 until 5:00 pm. You change the clock-out time of the lunch to 12:45. The system will prompt you if you want to also change the clock-in time of the regular hours to 12:45.

Added: New Security Profile option, "Ask Password for Empl reports".

If this option is checked and nobody is logged in then the user must enter their ID and password before running any of the single employee reports such as: Your Time Worked, Employee Time Summary, etc.

If someone is logged in and they run one of the employee reports then the report will be generated for the current logged in employee.

Note, they will only have access to the reports if the specific reports are enabled in their security profile.

The reason this option was added is so that you can give your employees access to reports even if they are logged out.

Changed: Lookup fields such as Employee ID and Job ID no longer show
drop-down list box automatically after each letter is typed.
User must press [Down Arrow], [Page Down], or click the down
arrow icon to show it. This change improves network performance.

Version 4.06 released 10/18/99
Added: Timeclock screen integrated with main toolbar. Timeclock panel, Toolbar, and Clocked In list may each be shown or hidden by selecting options on Window menu.
Added: Timeserver now uses the current data directory to comunicate with workstations so no need to enter name of computer running the timeserver.
Added: All Employee Time Detail by Job report now prints each employee on a new page.
Added: Option to automatically export changed data daily.
Added: Option to automatically backup all data daily.
Added: Option to automatically import changed data from a directory.
Added: Uninstall option added to Windows Add/Remove Programs.

Version 4.0 BETA 5 released 9/14/99
Added: Job and Phase descriptions on Who is Clocked In report
Added: Ability to calculate overtime based on week AND day.
Added: Popup notification of new email while you are logged in.
Added: Phase cannot be left blank on clockin if enabled in System Config.
Added: Startup Settings button on System Config screen.
Added: Manager field in employee record changed to Department.

Employee time reports are filtered so that only employees in
the currently logged in employee's department are shown on
reports and in the time records browse/edit screen.

If the Security Profile option "Ignore Departments" is checked
then the current employee can view and edit all employee time records
regardless of department provided that they also have the
option to edit time records enabled in thier security profile.

Added: Confirmation when selecting "Clock Everyone Out".
Added: Hours worked today shown on timeclock screen.
Added: Password not required if manager clockout is enabled and manager is logged in and clocks out an employee.
Added: Inactive Quickbooks Pro items are marked as inactive in Power Clock when importing timer lists from Quickbooks Pro.
Added: Asks for filename to import changed data from other locations.
Added: TimeServer now uses 32bit mailslots to relay time requests instead of file polling technique.
Added: Warning if a user tries to load a second copy on the same computer.
Added: Overtime Base when reporting on split weeks setting in Startup Settings can be one 3 values.
Look Back:
Looks back to days in the current week when calculating overtime for the first week in the report. If there were hours in previous days then they are added into the total hours and count towards overtime.
No Look Back:
The opposite of above. If the report starts on a split week then the hours in days preceeding the report start date are not used when figuring overtime.
Reset Week:
The Start of Week if reset to whatever day the report starting date is. Overtime will be based on the starting date of the report.

Version 4.0 BETA 3 released 7/20/99
Added: Can base overtime calculation on start date of report instead of
based on start of week as defined in system configuration.
Added: Check for old version of COMCTL32 in Network Troubleshooter
Added: OT Rate and DT Rate to time edit screen
Added: Who is clocked in now report
Added: Admin function to clock everyone out at once
Added: Option to ask (or not to ask) for password when switching jobs
Added: Option to ask (or not to ask) for password when time is paused
Added: Default Job and Phase may be set in each employee record. The default
Job and/or phase will be added to the time record even if Ask for Job
is not enabled in System Configuration
Added: Adding a new time record 'remembers' the last entered job, phase, etc...
Added: Change Log report
Added: Ability to calculate overtime based on hours worked per day or per week
Added: Employee Title field enlarged to 40 characters
Added: Overtime calculation is automatic
Added: Handles semi-monthly payroll period with overtime carried over from previous period
Added: Export Time Records allows deletion of Log and/or Employee records
Added: Employee Group Test button shows who would be included in the group
Added: Hours can be added to a group of employees from the time record browse screen
Added: A warning message if auto lunch deduction is overriden
Added: ADMIN employee name and ID may be changed after ADMIN identity is set in System Configuration

Version 4.00 BETA 1 released 6/9/99
Starting with version 4.00, all future updates to Power Clock will be made to the 32bit version only.
If you need to run the Windows 3.1 version, please download version 3.08.


Year 2000 tested and ready.
Dates may be forced to be entered with 4 digits or 2.
If a date is entered with 2 digits for the year, it is assumed to be in the 2000 century if it is less than 50, otherwise it is assumed to be in the 1900 century. If no year is entered then the current year is assumed.

12/31/99 = 12/31/1999
12/31/00 = 12/31/2000
11/10/49 = 11/10/2049
6/1 = 6/1/1999 if the current year is 1999 or 6/1/2000 if the current year is 2000

Import/Export to Quickbooks Pro 6.0 and 99
Payrate is saved with each time record so history reports are acurate.
Overtime/Doubletime calculation enhanced.
Small toolbar may be always on top of other windows
Power Clock icon may be added to taskbar tray
Security Profiles used instead of Security Levels
Sick time, Vacations, Breaks, etc... may be easily tracked
Timeclock screen shows elapsed time clocked in
Employees may be allowed to edit clock-in notes while clocked in
Clock in time may be paused and resumed
Startup settings saved to Windows registry
Automatically restricts polling and auto-clockout to one workstation in network mode
Network Troubleshooter finds possible problems on the network
Duplicate unlocking codes no longer allowed in Location file. Also, polling
a location with the same unlocking code is not allowed.
Smart time fields input:
130p = 1:30 pm
11 = 11:00 am
15 = 3:00 pm
1522 = 3:22 pm

Increment and decrement time fields behaves more intuitively
Time Server path may be different for each workstation
User defined refresh time for browse screens
Shortcut keys for most functions
Restore data from backup ZIP file
Form state and network configuration saved to Windows registry
Check for invalid datapath startup settings
Change Log screen enhanced
Backup All Data may be run in network mode.
Most command-line options removed in favor of registry settings.
Registry profile name may be specified on the commandline
Emergency login using the ADMIN employee ID and your unlocking code
Unlocking code is now stored in an encrypted format
Editing of the Clocked In file works the same as other files
Default reports and user defined reports combined into one selection screen
Reports are grouped on selection screen according to type: Detail,Weekly,Monthly,Listing
Records may be editited or deleted from any dropdown list by right clicking on the list.
Switch jobs allows notes to be entered for both the old job and the new job.

Version 3.08 released 10/10/98
Added: Ability to include zero in lunch minutes selection box
Changed: Time Server uses a more reliable method to get time stamps.
Changed: When tabing into a time field, all of the field is selected.
Changed: Times may be entered with only 3 or 4 digits and no colon.
Changed: Spouse field in employee record enlarged to 40 characters.

Version 3.07 released 9/22/98
Added: User defined timeout value for getting response from time server
Added: Jobs and Phases may be marked inactive.
Added: Date fields in new time record default to current date.
Added: When editing time records, warning if clockin time is greater than clockout time
Added: " warning if clockin time overlaps previous clockout time
Added: " warning if clockout time overlaps next clockin time
Changed: When adding a new record, editing always begins in the first field

Version 3.06 released 9/14/98
Added: Warning if no lunch taken when clocking out
Added: Manager can allow override of automatic lunch deduction
Changed: Time fields easier to edit

Version 3.05 released 8/21/98
Added: Import from dBase files
Added: Ask for directory to save exported files
Added: Force file rebuild command line option
Added: Backup All Data menu option will save all data to a ZIP file
Added: Automatic backup of data when upgrading to new version
Added: Employee IDs added to time detail reports
Added: Hourly payrate may be different for every Job or Phase
Added: Daily Hours Required field in employee record
Added: Weekly Restaurant Summary report
Changed: Internal method for calculating character widths on reports

Version 3.04 released 7/21/98
Added: 'Clock In by' and 'Clock Out by' fields to employee record.
Added: Off Schedule report shows employees that clock in late
Added: Optional format for time detail report

Version 3.03 released 7/2/98
Added: All report security levels may be set in System Configuration dialog.
Changed: Security file no longer used.  All security settings are kept in System Configuration file.
Changed: Reports no longer have an 'ID'.  Only the name is used.

Version 3.00 released 6/13/1998
Added: 32-bit version for Windows 95, 98 and NT. 32-bit version is functionally the same as the 16-bit version. Both versions may share the same files on a network.
Added: 32-bit Timeserver program for use with 32-bit Power Clock.
Added: Manager is notified if the computer clock is changed.
Added: Load saved report command on File menu.
Added: Horizontal scroll bar on report editing window.
Added: DOW function returns a number from 0 to 6 indicating the day of week.
Added: DOWStr function returns a string indicating the day of week.
Added: Formula descriptions in the report writer.
Added: Lunch deduction now stored as a separate field in time records instead of adjusting the clock-out time down.
Added: Option if an employee remains clocked in over a specified number of hours without clocking out, the manager must clock them out.
Added: Time rounding may be specified for clocking in, clocking out or both.
Added: Ability to change the order of clocked-in list on main screen.
Added: Job and Phase shown on clocked-in list on main screen.
Added: All time rounding and auto clock-out options added to employee file so they may be customized for each employee if needed.
Added: Auto out Time #2. A time range may be specified in which clock in is not allowed.
Added: Change Log can be disabled.
Added: Edit Current Location menu option.
Changed: All security and time options moved to System Configuration dialog.

Version 2.23 released 3/6/1998
Added: The Power Clock timeserver program, TIMESERV.EXE, now works on servers with multiple NIC's. Specify the NIC number to use on the command line.
Added: Viewing time records now shows the latest records when the window is first opened.

Version 2.21 released 2/16/1998
Added: Better error message and dialog asking to run in network mode if started in single user mode and files are in use by another workstation.
Added: Ability to edit or delete clock in records before an employee clocks out. Options are on the Edit menu.
Added: Switch Job command on Edit menu allows employees to clock out of one Job/Phase and into another in one step.
Added: Security level for printing reports.
Changed: Lunch time radio box changed to combo box.

Version 2.20 released 2/5/1998
Added: Advanced users may customize and add reports using the report engine.
Added: Warning if Admin password is not changed from the default.
Added: Gross pay shown on Weekly time summary for all employees.
Changed: Password for ADMIN employee may be changed in the unregistered version. Password is not forced to be unlocking code or 'admin'.

Version 2.12 released 1/17/1998
Added: Remote locations do not need a separate registration key in order to poll.

Version 2.11 released 1/3/1998
Added: Power Clock Timeserver program. This small program may be run on any workstation or server on a Windows network. It will act as a secure timeserver for clock in and clock out times. See Location File help topic for more information.
Added: Employee named ADMIN is automatically added to employee file. Log in with this employee ID to do maintenance. See Login help topic for more information.
Added: The employee may select optional lunchtime minutes when they clock out. Lunchtime may be selected from a list of predefined times or entered manually. This is enabled in the security file.
Added: The Microsoft Word 97 DOC file that is used to create the help file is distributed with Power Clock in case you want to print it for reference.
Changed: Power Clock distributed as a self-extracting EXE file instead of ZIP for easier installation.
Changed: Higher limits on number of records in files for demo version.

Version 2.10 released 12/22/1997
Added: Automatic lunch deductions. See location file for details.
Added: User definable starting day for weeks. See location file for details.
Added: Ability to set a security level for the help system.
Added: Ability to automatically clock out employees if they stay clocked in too long or at a certain time of day.
Added: Ability to export, and optionally delete, records for a single employee.
Added: import and export to Intuit Quickbooks 5.0
Added: security level may be assigned for the email system.
Added: edit keys (cut, copy, and paste) hotkeys made consistent with Microsoft Word
Added: local popup menu to all record editing screens. Right mouse pops it up.
Added: Employee Time Detail report sorted by date.
Added: Job and Phase not shown on reports if they are disabled in the security file.
Added: Overtime hours shown on employee reports. Overtime threshold is set in location file.
Changed: Current location name shown in title bar instead of registered user name. Registered user name is shown in about box.
Changed: New website: http://www.powerclock.com
Changed: New Email: Support@powerclock.com

Version 2.05 released 11/8/1997
Added better error handling when Power Clock is started in single user mode and another copy of Power Clock is already running on same computer.

Version 2.04 released 11/5/1997
Option to change employee password may now be disabled by assigning a security level in the security file.
Random demo data may be re-created at any time.
Added Preview, Print, and Setup Print buttons to reports.
Added Phase and Job codes to reports instead of just descriptions.
Added ability to select a specific job when printing Job Detail and Job Detail by Employee reports.
Reports now print records sorted alphabetically.
Pop-up date editing calendar improved a bit.
Passwords in employee and location file are encrypted.
Location password is hidden on location editing screen.
Using new ZIP compression engine.

Version 2.03 released 10/21/1997
Added special support for Windows NT and Windows 95 networks.
The FIXWIN command line parameter tells Power Clock to use special locking methods to work around a bug in some versions of Windows NT and Windows 95. See help topic Command Line Parameters for more information.
Added Print button to Email browsing screen.
Added two reports to print employee time for all employees without having to do each employee separately.

Version 2.02 released 10/10/1997
Added option to get time stamps from the server if running on a Novell or compatible network. This prevents users from cheating by changing the local machine time. This is enabled in the Location file.
Added Seen-by viewer to email window. Shows who has read messages.
Added ability to enter notes when employees clock in and/or out. The notes stay with the time record and are printed on reports. These options are enabled in the security file.
ESCAPE now closes the email and change file views.

Version 2.01 released 10/1/1997
Times may be automatically rounded to any minute or hour increment. Rounding can go up, down, or average.
Cleaned up reports to right justify dates and times.
Added summary band descriptions to reports.
Production & Location fields are not shown on reports if the options are disabled in the security file.
Added better error handling for files that may have been closed improperly. The file is automatically rebuilt when a severe file error occurs.
Added better demo data.
Time fields easier to edit.
Report preview window responds to more keyboard commands.

Version 2.00 released 8/29/1997
New network version runs on any Microsoft or Novell compatible network with up to 100 simultaneous users.
Added Phase field to time records. A Phase as well as Job may be asked for when clocking in.
Added Out Date field to time records. This allows you to have shifts longer than 24 hours.
Export to dBase files added.
Added report showing time grouped by job and employee.

Version 1.02 released 6/12/1997
Added PRODUCTION field to time records. Employee production may be asked for when clocking out.

Version 1.01 released 5/15/1997
Repackaging into ZIP file instead of self-extracting EXE file. Easier installation program.

Version 1.00 released 5/01/1997
Initial public release for sale as shareware. 

Cost: $89.00.

No multi-user network support.

Multi-site data sync built-in using dial up modems.


Version 0.99 beta 1/15/1997

Power Clock converted from MS-DOS based Borland Object Pascal 7.0 into a lovely Windows 3.1 application using Borland Delphi.

Released as a free public beta test version.


Version 0.90 beta 9/15/1992

Power Clock first came to life as part of a custom POS and payroll system built for Ross Edward Salon Group.

Built using Borland Object Pascal for MS-DOS.

This system is still in daily use in some Ross Edward Salon Group locations.

Multiple locations still sync (replicate) all daily activity to the home office using dial up modems.