Power Clock is an innovative Employee Time clock, Job Costing, and Production tracking program. It easily replaces the outdated mechanical time clock  used in many businesses.  Among Power Clock's powerful features are the following.


Easy to use and familiar interface that looks like a traditional time clock.
Power Clock is easy for non-computer people to use. Your employees can learn to use Power Clock in a matter of minutes.

Job, Phase, and Production tracking.
It's easy to track time spent on jobs and phases. Employee production may also be tracked.

Secure time server.
Employees can't cheat on their hours by changing the computer clock before clocking in or out.

Unlimited Multi-User Client/Server Network Operation.
Power Clock can run on any network using TCP/IP protocol. The Power Clock database server engine runs on your server. Client workstations connect to the server using TCP/IP network protocol. You can run Power Clock on an unlimited number of client workstations simultaneously.  You can even connect to a Power Clock server over the internet.

Apple iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac versions. (Coming soon)


Unlimited use over the Internet.

You can use Power Clock via the internet as long as you have the Power Clock client program installed and and the Power Clock Server installed at your office location.



Beware when you see "Call for a Quote!".  If you call then you can count on being pressured into buying some over priced junk by a commissioned salesperson who doesn't know much about the product.  You'll be lucky if they even give you a straight answer to the simple question, "How much is it?"

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Easy to use and familiar interface that looks like a traditional mechanical clock.
Power Clock is easy for non-computer people to use. Your employees can learn to use Power Clock in a matter of minutes.

Automatic synchronization of files among different physical locations.
Power Clock can connect to remote sites via the internet or any TCP/IP network. Power Clock keeps track of which records were added or modified. If you have a central office and several stores or job sites, Power Clock can connect to your stores via the internet and gather all employees' hours. This is all built-in. NO OTHER COMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE IS NEEDED.

Import and export to Quickbooks Pro, ADP, Paychex, dBase, Text.
You can export the time records to any version of Intuit Quickbooks Pro for payroll and billing. Export to dBase allows you to create custom reports with any reporting program that supports the dBase file format. Customizable text export.

Online, Offsite Data Backup and Restore.

Built-in internet backup and restore.  You can upload your data backup to your included password protected space on the Power Clock website.  Your data is safe from virus attacks and computer crashes.  Restore from one of your ten rotating backups anytime.

All changes to files are logged.
The administrator or manager can see at a glance what fields and files were changed, who changed them, and what time they were changed.

Power Clock is small and fast. No bloatware. No .Net framework required.
Power Clock has a huge number of features. Yet, since we use state of the art programming practices, it takes a very meager amount of computer resources to run.  Power Clock will run well on any computer capable of running Windows 98 or later.  Use your old computer that is gathering dust to replace your mechanical time clock.  Try that with any of our "BLOATWARE" competitors.

Built-in Email.
An easy to use Email system is built-in. There is no need to buy an expensive Email program for your sites. Users are notified of waiting mail when they clock in or out.

Automatic lunch deductions.
You can set Power Clock to automatically deduct a lunch or break if an employee forgets to clock out.

Automatic clock out.
If an employee stays clocked in too long Power Clock can automatically clock them out at a certain time or after a number of hours.

Customizable Reports.
Power Clock has a wide array of reports. In case you don't find the report you need, you can add it using the report script engine.

Customizable Security.
Power Clock uses flexible Security Profiles. Every menu command and feature can be enabled or disabled per employee.

Optional Biometric Fingerprint Scanner support.

The end of passwords and "buddy punching". Use an inexpensive fingerprint scanner to prevent employee cheating.  Click here for more details.